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Primer Level Piano Students

Thomas Performing "Classic March"

Camden performing "Lion Sleeps Tonight"

Lorna performing "Trumpet Song"

Rilyn performing "It's A Small World"

Level 1 Piano Students

Pia performing 

"Sleeping Beauty Waltz"

Liam performing 

"Crawling Spider"

Molly performing 

"I've Got Music"

Andrew performing "Für Elise"

Evelyn performing "Spring"

Vocal Students

Mischa performing "Caro Mio Ben"

Kendall performing "Nel Cor Più Non Mi Sento"

Level 2 Piano Students

Marcus performing "Frère Jacques" 

Mason performing "Egyptian Ballet Dance"

Level 3 & Above Piano Students

Jacy performing 

"Theme from Don Giovanni"

Laney performing 

"Sonatina in G"

Jasmyn performing "Vivace"

Victoria performing "Canon in D"

Sabra performing 

"North Wind in October"

Gabby performing "Recuerdos de Borinquen"

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