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Ely Carroll 
Miss Lowcountry’s Teen 2024

Join me on my journey to Miss South Carolina


What’s Your Jam?

Using the Creative Arts to Express • Connect • Serve


does Whats Your Jam? emphasize

using the creative arts?


can benefit from Whats Your Jam?

Anyone. Everyone.


Kids, teenagers and adults, alike,

should be encouraged to use their

creative passions to express themselves, without fear of critique and correction.

The beautiful thing about

the creative arts is that they don't 

have to be perfect to be beneficial.

Art is fluid & ever-evolving. And while guidelines exist, art can still be inspiring, therapeutic, healing &

unifying outside of those


  • Express

  • Connect 

  • Serve

Whats Your Jam?


is Whats Your Jam?

What’s Your Jam?

is a program created

by me, inspired by my own personal passion for & experience with the creative arts.

Whats Your Jam? asks a simple question- What creative activity do you enjoy doing for you?

And then it says “Go for it."

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